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Rgos Agrons I Mean Dragon Age

I spent a good portion of yesterday evening playing Dragon Age: Origins, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to play some more today after running errands.

Good lord, Dragon Age.

BioWare is like Pixar in that it seems to me as though the company can do no wrong. Their products have been, in my admittedly limited experience, unfailingly well-made and compelling. Where other video games I’ve played lately have offered no narrative worth considering (Monster Hunter Freedom 2) or narratives with a few big inherent flaws (inFAMOUS is a wonderful game, but I have some issues with the ending), Dragon Age: Origins has a narrative as in-depth and compelling as you want it to be. I’m sure you could go through the game never speaking to your party members unless absolutely forced to, and only doing the bare minimum required to finish the game itself, but why on earth would you want to?

There is a lot to do in Dragon Age. A LOT to do. There is a lot to see, a lot to talk about, and (God forbid!) a lot to read, should you so choose. The enemies you fight have their own entries in the Dragon Age codex, which updates itself after you fight a new enemy, and as your party members get more developed, there is more information in there regarding their history, their personalities, and their taste in gifts should you be trying to win them over after making a gameplay decision they don’t particularly approve of. This is one of those games you have to save often, and I save multiple files so I can try out more than one option when it comes to the big important questions, like who to kill or who to ally yourself with for the final battle. So far I have played for sixteen hours, and the game has seen fit to inform me that I am around 30% finished with it. Or it’s that close to being finished with me. Not sure. I do know that there is a LOT to see in my next play-through of the game, seeing as I’m being relatively virtuous this time through and chose a rogue rather than a warrior or a mage. I’m already planning my second play-through of the game, actually – this time I’m an elf rogue who looks suspiciously like the real me, and I’m thinking I will try a different style of character altogether next time around. My idea was a dwarf warrior, and rather than work with the party members I’m fondest of, as I am this time around, she’s going to side with the toughest and strongest people – two of which are people I really can’t stand during this run through the game. That’s the thing about Dragon Age, though: there are so many ways to play it, and the only wrong way I can think of is missing out on the meat of the story.


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