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And so it begins.

Establishing an internet presence is, I would assume, an important part of being a creator (in my case a writer) in this age. Everybody has Twitter, or a blog, or a Facebook page, and some of us still cling to the festering carcass of deviantART as though it contains something better than Disney crossover fiction and Final Fantasy fanart. Even me. I keep my poems on a deviantART page, and I try very hard not to visit most other parts of the site. They usually make me sad.

Oh, but who am I? Well, I think I’ll have to answer that question THROUGH SONG.

No. No singing. Sorry. But I will tell you who I am! I am Nathan Sharp. I am twenty-two, I write, and I am part of the creative team behind what I hope will someday be the next big sci-fi comedy show. In October of 2010 me, J. Paul Zimmerman, and Scott Krause will be heading to LA to seek our fortunes in the television industry. J. Paul has a pretty good acting pedigree behind him already thanks to his work in the Halloweentown franchise, one of Disney’s older properties, and a sci-fi television show that I never actually saw but he assures me is good. And I would imagine it is, because he’s a good actor. Scott and I do not have anything in the way of acting ability, and so our role is more of a behind-the-scenes one. We’re both writers, as is J. Paul, and between us we’ve managed to develop quite an impressive little science fiction world. It has Martians, and I even get to write an episode that has dinosaurs in it. And I’m all about the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, rats, and Godzilla. Sci-fi is fine too.

So! That’s me. I am a nerd, I do a lot of reading, I love to write, and I have very weird opinions and interests. If all goes well, I will continue updating this blog and eventually have some information regarding untold success and riches in Hollywood! In the meantime I think I’ll watch some movies and try to muster up enough anti-laziness to review one or two of them for you, my imaginary fans.


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  1. Just found your blog and stopped in to say “Hi!”

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