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Kind of a short post here, but I think it’s something beautiful that deserves attention:


Pogo is the genius responsible for the greatest, highest-quality remixes I’ve ever encountered, online or off. And his latest project has so far had an amazing, beautiful, inspiring result in his Johannesburg-inspired track. I’m anxiously hoping to hear that he’s gone to Russia to work on the project, for my own selfish reasons of course. 🙂 Still, his work is amazing and I think it needs more exposure!


I do assure you, new content is coming soon. Work has been hectic lately. In the meantime, if you truly can’t handle a lack of my writing, here’s the last review I posted at the Midnight Monster Show. I’m hoping to spend some of my time off this week writing another review, and possibly a blog entry.




In December of 2010 I wrote a review for Altitude, which my good friend Captain Midnight very kindly hosted on his horror movie blog. It’s a very good blog, and I happen to think my review was rather well done too. I’d appreciate your taking a look if you haven’t already!


Top 12 Albums of 2010

Wow, what a year! What a bunch of consistent, timely, well-written and equally well-received blog
posts! It was crazy, you and I, the way I made all those updates
and you read all those updates as I posted them. I think both of us
deserve a commendation for staying so consistently on-task and
totally not spacing out and forgetting to update this blog for
months on end. You agree? Awesome. Let’s move on!

Unless you’re a houseplant, a pine cone, or a writer too lazy to come up with a third thing to mention here, it’s a safe bet that you were pretty busy during at least a few parts of 2010. Fortunately, (or perhaps
unfortunately in the case of certain individuals) so were a bunch
of recording artists! A friend of mine made a Tumblr post outlining
his top twelve albums of last year, and it occurred to me that it
might be worthwhile for me to do the same, if only because of how
drastically different our two lists would be. The following albums
are my twelve favorite musical selections released in 2010, and
they are in no particular order, just like the months in a year
(TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!). And so, without further ado, let’s talk
about my weird taste in music.
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I got to see Where the Wild Things Are a couple weeks back. Like Coraline, it’s a book-to-film adaptation with some pretty major involvement and input from the author of the story it’s based on. Maurice Sendak has been trying to make this movie for almost thirty years. The stage show didn’t last long and is near-impossible to find, and the movie has usually been deemed too frightening for children for most studios to greenlight it. Finally, Spike Jonez (who I kept getting confused with Spike Lee for a while) decided he was going to make the movie, and what a movie it was.

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I spent a good portion of yesterday evening playing Dragon Age: Origins, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to play some more today after running errands.

Good lord, Dragon Age.

BioWare is like Pixar in that it seems to me as though the company can do no wrong. Their products have been, in my admittedly limited experience, unfailingly well-made and compelling. Where other video games I’ve played lately have offered no narrative worth considering (Monster Hunter Freedom 2) or narratives with a few big inherent flaws (inFAMOUS is a wonderful game, but I have some issues with the ending), Dragon Age: Origins has a narrative as in-depth and compelling as you want it to be. I’m sure you could go through the game never speaking to your party members unless absolutely forced to, and only doing the bare minimum required to finish the game itself, but why on earth would you want to?

There is a lot to do in Dragon Age. A LOT to do. There is a lot to see, a lot to talk about, and (God forbid!) a lot to read, should you so choose. The enemies you fight have their own entries in the Dragon Age codex, which updates itself after you fight a new enemy, and as your party members get more developed, there is more information in there regarding their history, their personalities, and their taste in gifts should you be trying to win them over after making a gameplay decision they don’t particularly approve of. This is one of those games you have to save often, and I save multiple files so I can try out more than one option when it comes to the big important questions, like who to kill or who to ally yourself with for the final battle. So far I have played for sixteen hours, and the game has seen fit to inform me that I am around 30% finished with it. Or it’s that close to being finished with me. Not sure. I do know that there is a LOT to see in my next play-through of the game, seeing as I’m being relatively virtuous this time through and chose a rogue rather than a warrior or a mage. I’m already planning my second play-through of the game, actually – this time I’m an elf rogue who looks suspiciously like the real me, and I’m thinking I will try a different style of character altogether next time around. My idea was a dwarf warrior, and rather than work with the party members I’m fondest of, as I am this time around, she’s going to side with the toughest and strongest people – two of which are people I really can’t stand during this run through the game. That’s the thing about Dragon Age, though: there are so many ways to play it, and the only wrong way I can think of is missing out on the meat of the story.


I wrote this almost a year ago – February 28, 2009 – after seeing Coraline in theaters with a friend of mine. I post it here to prove my nerd pedigree and so I get a chance to gush about one of my favorite movies once again.

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Establishing an internet presence is, I would assume, an important part of being a creator (in my case a writer) in this age. Everybody has Twitter, or a blog, or a Facebook page, and some of us still cling to the festering carcass of deviantART as though it contains something better than Disney crossover fiction and Final Fantasy fanart. Even me. I keep my poems on a deviantART page, and I try very hard not to visit most other parts of the site. They usually make me sad.

Oh, but who am I? Well, I think I’ll have to answer that question THROUGH SONG.

No. No singing. Sorry. But I will tell you who I am! I am Nathan Sharp. I am twenty-two, I write, and I am part of the creative team behind what I hope will someday be the next big sci-fi comedy show. In October of 2010 me, J. Paul Zimmerman, and Scott Krause will be heading to LA to seek our fortunes in the television industry. J. Paul has a pretty good acting pedigree behind him already thanks to his work in the Halloweentown franchise, one of Disney’s older properties, and a sci-fi television show that I never actually saw but he assures me is good. And I would imagine it is, because he’s a good actor. Scott and I do not have anything in the way of acting ability, and so our role is more of a behind-the-scenes one. We’re both writers, as is J. Paul, and between us we’ve managed to develop quite an impressive little science fiction world. It has Martians, and I even get to write an episode that has dinosaurs in it. And I’m all about the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs, rats, and Godzilla. Sci-fi is fine too.

So! That’s me. I am a nerd, I do a lot of reading, I love to write, and I have very weird opinions and interests. If all goes well, I will continue updating this blog and eventually have some information regarding untold success and riches in Hollywood! In the meantime I think I’ll watch some movies and try to muster up enough anti-laziness to review one or two of them for you, my imaginary fans.